Pizza Hub bot app is specially designed for restaurants to automate online ordering and delivery. This makes easy for customers to order as possible directly from the restaurant menus. Pizza Hub is connected to inventory and shows real time date to the users, the app is connected with kitchen which automatically switch to a real chat once the order is being accepted by the restaurants. It also has a distribution module connected with delivery app on which the customer can track the delivery. Online transactions, refund, 100% money protections are the key features of the updated version of Pizza Hub.

We all know when it comes to food ordering we want it easy as possible. Ordering foods at door steps is already been a trend now a day but are all customers happy with the current solutions? SKYNICHE came up with a solution “Pizza Hub” to make the current scenario swiftly as possible. The app is connected to kitchen and will turn into a real time chat once the order is accepted. This helps the customer to communicate with the chef and later with the delivery boy.


Mobile Application




WhatsApp chat

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