ePlot is an online funeral planner to save thousands off a funeral by pre planning. ePlot’s concept evolved from the idea of a soldier being deployed and handling his buddy a letter to give his family if he didn’t make it back.

“I have been working with SKYNICHE over years and this guys always do great jobs. I have used them to create my two websites ePlot & eClick , they have been very professional through out the project & communication was extremely good. I have found the ongoing support to be very helpful, and indeed friendly. After the initial built, we were in need of a few changes & additions on our websites. SKYNICHE is impressive through out the project and after sale as well. I highly recommend SKYNICHE for all internet business services!”

  • — Steven Gifford , ePlot.

Steve Gifford selected SKYNICHE and asked us to convert his ideas into an online platform on which people can pre plan their funeral. The platform provides independent plots for all the signed up users on which the user can leave their stories, voice podcasts, videos, final notes etc. The user can also protect his/her plots with passwords which restrict the public from access their plots.



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