freelancing team build programs were going down to 90% due to the conflicts between the vendor and freelancer. In early 2006 the value and reputations were high for the freelance market places, even escrow system was considered as a payment protection system on freelance marketplaces.


When a freelancer is just starting out or with enough experience but struggling to stand in the competitive freelancing market market, he or she has to say YES to all the works without properly understanding the requirements or technology. Ideally the freelancer is trying to get a grip in the competitive marketplaces by saying Yes-to-all, Unfortunately, this always-say-yes-to-work approach can mean snagging clients. This approach can end up in late time requirement gathering, late project delivery, conflicts with clients etc.

When it come to agencies on freelancing, they have sales reps working in the frontend who are greedy to win a contract on freelance marketplaces. The sales situation, pressure eventually make them Say-Yes-to-all-approach.

Before becoming part of some freelancing or niche groups on Facebook or LinkedIn; do quick Google searches on companies before accepting any work from them. Do through study about the freelancers or agencies before awarding the project, also some upfront test jobs would really helps to give an idea about the skill set before hiring a freelancer.

Commitment issues

If your freelancer doesn’t continuously put commitments on your project your chance of achieving the goals long term or short term wouldn’t come in your favor. A freelancer will work for many clients and would be hard to manage all the project and maintain the deadline dates


This is the key component in all businesses especially for a startups. Conveying your concept to the freelancer and make that to a viable product would definitely need many interactions. They can be scattered all over the globe, or working at different time zone if they’re not in your timezone then keeping track of who’s doing what and when can take up hours of your precious time. Getting things organized so you can communicate with freelancers without disrupting your entire schedule is so important.

Quick availability

Lets say your app or software need a quick updation in the middle of business hours but the freelancer lives in opposite timezone. How would you fix the updation of software on time for smooth run of your business?

Application security

One of the biggest problem in the industry! How do you protect your concepts, application when you hire a freelancer to develop it?. In the initial stage startups wouldn’t have much to invest on big servers and security systems to protect the app and source code.


Offshore development center

If you are a startup looking to build your application for an affordable price within a timeframe then you should think of building your Offshore team. What is an offshore team? The team which is located in a different country but still employed by your company. The developers solely work on your projects, on your timezone and you will have access to everyone at anytime around the working hours. The company that you hired to complete the project will take responsibilities to meet your deadline date in any unexpected situations.


Check out the benefits of building an offshore team!

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