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Monsoon Cruise, a Kerala based Travel Company who are committed to create a perfect travel experience for their customers. Their current product offering consists of Domestic and International Packages, Hotels and Cruise lines. All their travel packages are designed to take their customers right in the throes of local culture and history. They create experiences so enriching for their customers to keep their aspirations and need at the centre of the planning process.

Our Goals

SKYNICHE were selected to transform Monsoon Cruise’s online customer journey for their worldwide customers.Our ability is to provide a resource that brings ideas to the family, so that they do not need to stress about where to go. Our main goal was to create a website for Monsoon Cruise with attractive, effective and informative way. We created and designed the website like by giving:
  • Search bar
  • Content management
  • capabilities
  • Select destination
  • Enquiry page

Implementation of Strategy

SKYNICHE, we designed a delightful website for Monsoon Cruise to provide an awesome travel experience to its customers. The auto Zoom feature on the home banner received many good appreciation from their customers and other vendors around the globe.
The website is built on top of WordPress and Woo-commerce. Woo-commerce was considered for their future run since they were going to implement an online booking system through the website. J-query animations were used to bring the zoom feature on the home banner.


Skyniche created an awesome, stunning website that is as much of a fun experience as going on a trip by exposing the user to traveling trends, hidden gems and recommendations.The Zoom feature on the home banner was the key feature we created which got many appreciations.

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