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RFID File Tracking Systems was designed to reduce employee time spent in Offices of Nigeria and to track down the file positions. The system will allow to find the current location where the file has reached. This helps the applicants and office authority to know the current status of an application.Alongside with the application there is a mob application which send notifications to the applicant and head of the department when a file is reached or departures.

We believe RFID file management systems have become increasingly popular in the country because they give employees enhanced visibility,while freeing up time previously spent on inventory counts or searching for lost documents.

Our Goals

SKYNICHE were selected to develop a desktop based application for Nigerian Government which helps in tracking the movement of files. Skyniche developed Web application, Desktop application and an android app with the intention to monitor the movement of files with the help of RFID Reader. The software has following features such as:
  • File registration
  • Searching Specific File with its File Name or Number using Handheld Device.
  • Inventory Management
  • File Check in/ Checkout using Web Application
  • MIS Report using Web Application.
  • Anti-Theft System via Service
  • Real Time Data provided by Web Service.

Implementation of Strategy

SKYNICHE, we developed the platform on NodeJS and Electron. Electron was chosen to designing a better UI for the desktop version which look exactly same like the web version of the software. 
Backend of the application has to be very strong were we choose Node JS to handle database operations.
Agile methodology was introduce for the development. Agile method is used for ensuring flexibility and adaptability during the development and maintenance of a software.
We developed a prototype for understanding the whole features. Whole system functions are analysed with risk factors and split the modules to development phase. The main goal of prototyping is to provide a system with overall functionality. The prototyping helped us to identify that heavy traffic on the application will become challenging throughout the implementation process. To overcome that we had to fork the process into two; 1, for server 2, heavy traffic form RFID devices. We fork was recommended since NodeJS can only handle single thread process.

  • UHF Active Reader
  • Passive RFID tag
  • Readers are connected to a LAN in order to increase the flexibility of system. It also helps to expand the number of offices very easily.

In Testing phase: We have implemented following test methods; Unit, Integration and User testing 


SKYNICHE built and implemented an RFID file tracking system for Government of Nigeria which saved hundreds of hours of employees searching for lost files and its locations. This also helped the concerned department head to get notified when a file has been moved IN and OUT from their office. The software is been successfully implemented in offices of Abuja, Nigeria. The main challenges have been reviewed in this work based on official reports. Using advanced technologies is very promising in tackling these challenges.

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