Seema Jaswal


SEEMA JASWAL, a Television and radio presenter from West London and is currently working with a number of UK and International broadcasters and she is mostly known as a Football Presenter. She has over 50,000 followers on her social media accounts. 

She is a female representative for the Premier League (EPL) in their post-match reviews, Fantasy premier league shows and Premier League fan zone show. Also Seema is the anchor for the Indian Super League and 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Our Goals

The Goal was to create website is a great way for Seema to connect with her followers and supporters with the unique characteristics and traits of the Seema. 

  • Responsive website

  • A clear, user-friendly navigation

  • Optimal webpage speed.

  • Consolidate her social pages 

  • Signature for her fans


Implementation of Strategy

With an aggregator we curated all her social media posts from different platforms to one place and then on to a beautiful and clean layout.

Bringing responsive was always challenging since sometimes it weigh a lot, but our experienced designers designed an awesome UI which helps an easy interaction of fans and supporters.

Results Of Strategy

We designed an awesome website for Seema Jaswal with 100% social media integrations of her fans and supporters which eventually helped her to increase her fan base on Social Medias.

Our solution was to create a website consolidated with all Seema’s social media platform expected with a great social media interaction of her fans and support from one place. 

Our key strategy was to develop a website which consolidate all her social media platforms on to a user-friendly layout.

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