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Curry Boy is an Australian food ordering and delivery application which serves fresh and prepared speciality food located in Perth, Australia. Curry Boy started in 2020. 

Curry Boy deliver freshly cooked Indian foods in Perth. 

Curry Boy cook fresh meals everyday using the finest ingredients and ensure that both the taste and nutrition quotient are on point. There are two time slots to order the food from Curry Boy one is in Lunch time – 11am to 1pm and another is in Dinner time – 5pm to 8pm. 

Our Goals

Skyniche were selected to develop an application for Curry Boy.The goal was to create an online ordering application for Curry Boy which helps foodies to order fresh food online. 

Since they are delivering lunch and dinner they have a cut off time 11am Western Australian time for lunch and 5pm Western Australian time for dinner. 

We created menus and delivery options which customer can find what all delicious food to have and also makes them find the location that are delivered.   All these menus and delivery options are available only in specific locations where Curry Boy has a physical presence.

Our Implementation Strategy


We developed zip code search module which made the search feature so easy for the users. The search says whether Curry Boy deliver the food in the area based on the zip code user enters.


We developed the custom up sell module which helped the Curry Boy to give up sell items on each order.



This was the core feature the Curry Boy was looking since they deliver lunch and dinner. At the backend we developed a module for the admin to manage the cut off time for the menu.


We developed an online ordering application for Curry Boy with delight inter experience, the application includes following features such as:


  • Zip code Search

  • Up sell

  • Cut Off Time

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