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Hunger in the India makes no sense because in our digitally connected world, bridging the gap between excess and access isn’t just possible.It’s simple. Unlike traditional models, Food Rescue Army US lowers overhead costs, increases access to fresh food, and ensures that food rescued today is delivered today.The impact has been huge – and with your help, it will grow exponentially.

Food insecurity causes poor health, emotional stress, and is a mental burden. It inhibits an adult’s ability to work and a child’s ability to learn. Hunger gnaws at the fabric of family life by forcing impossible choices among food, shelter, and safety.

Our goals

Our goal was to digitally transform the idea of Food Rescue App into a mobile application with following features such as;
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Food Rescue Mission
  • Group Chat
  • Notifications
  • To Do list
  • Advanced Activities
The Application also has an admin panel for super admin to manage the users, missions, contents and group chats. We also developed an awesome website for food rescue to showcase the app and its features.

Implementation of strategy

Agile methodology was introduce for the development. Agile method is used for ensuring flexibility and adaptability during the development and maintenance of a software.

First phase was to design layout for the mobile applications which was a challenging job since everyone’s expectation was rich user experience without any hassle. Our UI development team has done an excellent job coming up with sleek and user experience design which helps the users to utilize all the features even without much tech savvy.
We choose Native Java for mob app development since Native apps are very fast and responsive because they are built for that specific platform and are compiled using platforms core programming language and APIs. As a result, the app will be much more efficient.

The admin panel was developed in PHP Codeigniter frame work and it’s connected with the application with JSON. We have used Firebase notifications and Google map. In this app we can create missions. There are two route map that is accessed there are: 
• Collection point and
• Destination point
Food Rescue Army website was developed in WordPress to showcase the features of the application.
In Testing phase: We have implemented following test methods; Unit, Integration and User testing


We are really honoured to be a part of this project. We created a great application to save the wastage of food in India which also help to stop hunger in India. Our clientFOOD RESCUE ARMY was more than happy to see that the app is working which later on moved to a trending application in India with #foodrescueindia

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