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Professional Fumigation Limited is a digital pest control company informative technology and effective treatments to pest management. It is based in Kenya.They treat all ranges of pests including but not limited to termites ants, snakes, cockroaches, rodents and bedbugs.Our treatments involve a systematic approach to pest control management.Software has 3 types of users:
  • Super administrators
  • Pest Inspectors
  • Users

Our Goals

To create a website and web application for Professional Fumigationwith an intelligent, effective and informative solution for pest control digitally. The main objective behind web application development was to convert the physical works to digital such as inspections, appointments, report making etc. This would also allow their customers to access their inspections, recommendations, invoices etc. through the platform.
The software that we developed has the following modules:

  • Customer Management – To manage customers
  • Trend analysis – It is a technique used in technical analysis that attempts to predict the future infection levels based on recently observed trend data.
  • Appointment Management – Helps to set up appointments with their customers
  • Document Repository – Repository helps to save documents related to user and inspection.
  • Best Activity Recommendation – This helps to have pest activity recommendations of each site.
  • Site Information – Helps to add sites and their information
  • Reports – It’s the key feature of the software which helps to submit reports of inspection.
  • Accounts – To manage the accounts
  • Staff Management – This module helps to manage the staff with user permissions
  • Pest Management – It helps to add different types of pests in the software


The platform is developed in PHP codeigniter framework with HTML bootstrap in the frontend. The design face was challenging since it has to be very user friendly for both users and administrator.
Agile methodology was introduce for the development. Agile method is used for ensuring flexibility and adaptability during the development and maintenance of a software.
We developed a prototype for understanding the whole features. Whole system functions are analysed with risk factors and split the modules to development phase. The main goal of prototyping is to provide a system with overall functionality.
In Initial phase: We have developed the following modules: 

  • Customer Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Document Repository
  • Best Activity Recommendation
  • Site Information
  • Accounts
  • Staff Management
  • Pest Management

In Final phase: In this phase we focused on the development of advanced modules these are as follows:

  • Trend analysis
  • Report

In Testing phase: We have implemented following test methods; Unit, Integration and User testing


We developed an intelligent, effective and informative solution
for Professional Fumigation to manage their inspections and customers.

P-analytics have following features such as:

  • Reports on trend analysis, historical data and inspection logs.
  • Easy pest control management of multiple branches.
  • Structural, storage and sanitation recommendations with images.
  • Online booking
  • View your accounts.

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