Critical Mind Inc is an industry leader in licenced,compliant and clean cannabis manufacture.It is also the first commercial scale, licensed cannabis extraction facility in the state of California fully compliant with Prop 64 state regulations.They are leading the way to a healthier cannabis industry and are building the most advanced commercial cannabis compound in the heart of the largest cannabis market on earth.They are into delivering a consistent, quality product that improves the well-being of their customers.

Critical Mind approached SKYNICHE to help them bring that in-store experience online. To help bring their history to the forefront and to reflect the same quality that they apply to their products to be mirrored in their online presence we have used PHP and code igniterframework.We have created a fully responsive and interactive design which included various modules such as grow house management,growth tracker,product tracker,processor module,inventory management,staff management and so on.We have also included a transportation app,visit trap and and real time reporting systems.Our ultimate goal was to encourage people to explore,discover and create online but also to connect them with the unrivaled talent of their professional designers in store.






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