Brandon Thompson

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- Investor Network

EM Loveman

"I have known SkyNiche for over 2 years now, and have used their expertise in web development, and graphics design. SkyNiche is one of the most professional, and talented technology experts I’ve dealt with. Their honesty, and ability to work outside the box is one of their strong points. I highly recommend SkyNiche for any sized project.It is my companies, ESD Media, intention to continue to use the talents of SkyNiche in the future."

- ESD Media

Jason Halliburton

"SkyNiche and team have provided not only great service, but a thoughtful and carefully crafted product that caters to the exact vision and need of the client. The expertise and talent that provided day to day attention to the projects they have worked on for me, resulted in a more than satisfactory result. I would highly recommend them for future projects."


Rishi Arora

"After first successful project and satisfaction. For my Second project I have straight went to SkyNiche without looking here and there. Because i know the team they have will do its best to meet my project requirements. This time also they haven't proved me wrong. In Future I will look forward to work with SkyNiche."

- Yourbatman

Steven Gifford

"I have been working with SkyNiche over years and this guys always do great jobs. I have used them to create my two websites ePlot & eClick , they have been very professional through out the project & communication was extremely good. I have found the ongoing support to be very helpful, and indeed friendly. After the initial built, we were in need of a few changes & additions on our websites. SkyNiche is impressive through out the project and after sale as well. I highly recommend SkyNiche for all internet business services"

- ePlot & eClick